Fewer International Student Permits, Higher Stakes in Canada

Mar 20, 2024

How to secure top talent for your faculty

Canadian universities have long enjoyed a reputation as a welcoming destination for international students. However, 2024 presents a unique challenge. With the recent cap on new study permits at approximately 360,000 – a significant 35% decrease from 2023 – competition for the best and brightest students is set to intensify.

For admissions officers in faculties like Education, Law, and Business Management (MBAs), the pressure is even greater. These programs require a more intensive admissions process. Selecting the right candidates goes beyond academic qualifications; it’s about finding individuals who will thrive in your program’s specific environment, contribute to your campus culture, and potentially become future ambassadors for your university.

The Challenge: Finding the Right Student

In a world of limited permits, traditional application review methods may not be enough. Sifting through mountains of applications to identify students who possess not just the academic chops, but also the cultural fit and potential for future success, can be a daunting task. More importantly, admitting the wrong student that ends up dropping out for whatever reason will cost the University thousands of dollars of immediate, irrecoverable, direct revenue, and much more in indirect revenue due to auxiliary effects on reputation and promotional efforts. A customizable, and easy to use assessment platform can come in handy to avoid these costly mistakes.

CykoMetrix: Humanizing Data-Driven Admissions

CykoMetrix goes beyond the numbers. Our platform leverages the power of human data intelligence to provide you with a deeper understanding of your applicants. The platform can ingest educational outcomes for analysis, like test scores and GPAs, but it can delve into their motivations, aspirations, attitudes, cultural inclinations and preferred learning styles. This allows you to:

  • Identify Top Performers: Sometimes educational outcomes is not the definitive factor telling you whether a student will excel in your rigorous programs. Other factors such as character, personality and interests have a big impact on a student’s chances to succeed in a demanding higher education environment.
  • Predict Program Success: Gain insights into how well each applicant will adapt to your unique academic environment and campus culture. Then, monitor how they are doing, giving you opportunities to support them towards success.
  • Increase Retention: Select students with a strong likelihood of completing your program, maximizing your investment in recruitment and admissions.
  • Future-Proof Your Reputation: Identify students with the drive and talent to become future leaders and industry influencers, enhancing your university’s global profile.

Streamline Your Process, Maximize Your Time

CykoMetrix understands the time-consuming nature of admissions, especially for programs with rigorous pre-testing requirements. Our platform automates many of the tedious tasks involved in the initial applicant evaluation. We automatically extract and analyze the relevant data points, then present them in an easily digestible and dynamic format. Use the dynamic report system to filter students based on the criteria you find most important at the click of a button, to isolate the most desirable candidates for admission. This empowers admissions officers to quickly assess an applicant’s suitability, freeing up valuable time for more holistic and strategic decision-making.

Ready to Secure Your Share of Top Talent?

In a competitive environment, a solid human data intelligence platform can be your secret weapon. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your university attract, select, and retain the best international students.

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