Building a Complete Training Journey with Data-Driven Design

Nov 17, 2023

Subject: “Building a Complete Training Journey with Data-Driven Design”.

Our panelists will discuss ways to equip Learning & Development professionals with the platforms they need to craft next generation training programs and leverage assessment data correlated with business outcomes to customize their learner’s experiences.

Edan Kertis, Co-founder and CEO of myQuest

Software engineer turned entrepreneur a dozen years ago, Edan went on a journey to create effective learning solutions for training companies, SMBs and enterprise. He created myQuest, which allows users to engage in active learning leading to high completion rates, long-term knowledge retention and ability development. He was also instrumental in the creation of myQuest Connect, an enterprise-level platform integrated into Microsoft Teams that allows for cross-enterprise knowledge-sharing.

Jeff Campbell, CEO, CykoMetrix

Jeff has a massive 43 years experience in building and managing technology businesses, with 20 years of experience in large enterprise sales, marketing and product management with leading companies including Microsoft, CA, EDS and HP. As a serial CEO over the past 23 years, he has led startups through commercialization, funding, growth, and acquisition in the enterprise Management, Sales Enablement and Cloud Security categories. His latest business, CykoMetrix, is an innovative human data intelligence platform that can collect any human data, monitor attitudes, soft skill development and personality traits over time and cross-correlate these against valuable business KPIs to plan incisive training programs, and hire better employees that succeed.

Your host: Sylvain Rochon, CMO and Co-Founder at CykoMetrix

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